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Pearland Among Fastest Growing Cities In The US

A town in our own little area has been named as the 3rd fastest growing city in the US.  It is the town I myself call home, Pearland.https://abc13.com/community-events/pearland-is-3rd-fastest

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Earnest Money Down Payment And Closing Costs Are Not The Same Thing

Purchasing a home will have some fees upfront.  There is earnest money, the money you pay when your offer is accepted.  There is down payment, which is what the lender requires you to

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Owning A Ranch

Owning a ranch can provide many benefits.  It is a great place to retreat with the family and enjoy time together away from the busy life of the city.  Business owners can also use it as a

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Credit Karma Is Not Your Fico

Did you know there are currently 9 versions of FICO used by the 3 major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Transunion)?  Many people assume there is one magic score and all lenders use it.

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